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BOE President DeAnna Whipkey

DeAnna Whipkey

President of Braxton
County Board of Education

Phone: 304-807-9112

DeAnna Whipkey was elected to her first term on the Board of Education in 2018. She attended Davis Elementary, Gassaway Middle, and Braxton County Middle Schools and then graduated from Braxton County High School in 1998. She holds an RBA with emphases in child development and communications from West Virginia University.

DeAnna has been an active parent volunteer in Braxton County Schools for many years. She serves on the board of the Braxton Community Coalition as well. She helps with the both the children and youth music ministries at her church, and also sings in the choir and praise team. DeAnna resides in Gassaway with her husband David and their daughter Catie, who attends Braxton County Middle School.

Dave Hoover

Dave Hoover

Vice President of Braxton County Board of Education

Former Educator in Braxton County Schools

Dave Hoover and his wife Catherine Hoover are both longtime residents of Braxton County. Catherine has been an emergency room nurse for St. Joseph’s hospital in Buckhannon, WV. Where Dave has taught in Braxton County Schools for 19 years prior to retirement. Dave was a staff member of Sutton Middle School, Sutton Elementary and Braxton County Middle School throughout his teaching career. He has served on the Braxton County Board of Education for the past 10 years where he has been honored to serve as Vice President for the last 4 years.

BOE Member Dr. Kenna Seal

Dr. Kenna Seal

Under Construction

Evelyn Post

Evelyn Post

Under Construction

Dolores Wright webpage picture

Dolores Wright
t: (304) 364-5344

Dolores Wright was born in Braxton County, WV. She was educated at Mill Fork School until she was 11 years old. In 1955, her family moved four miles away from the farm that she had lived on since birth. As Dolores reflected on that move she stated, “it felt like she was moving to another country”. She attended high school in Gassaway and is proud to call herself an “Elk”.

Dolores married at 17 years old and had her first daughter Sara at the age of 23. Five years later she was blessed with her second child Mark to be followed by her third child Patrick eight years later. In 1998, Dolores lost her daughter Sara and became mother to her two beautiful grandchildren Elizabeth and Josh. Her two sons Mark and Patrick both work for Precision where Mark is a Superintendent and Patrick is a laborer soon to be an Operator. She has six total grandchildren: her oldest granddaughter Elizabeth is employed by the mail service, Lacie is a student at Braxton County Middle School and she has four grandsons Josh, Lucas, Dylan and Laden. Laden is a student at Davis Elementary. Dolores also has six great grandchildren Daniel is a student at BCMS, David and Braden are students at Frametown Elementary as well as Haley, Rylea and Mason who are not yet in school.

In 1969, Dolores started her career working for the educational system in Gilmer County as a bus drive. She drove there for one year and started driving for Braxton County Schools in 1970. She continued to work for Braxton County Schools till 2007 when she retired with 32 years of service. Dolores was elected to service on the Braxton County Board of Education in 2018. She hopes to see many great things happen in Braxton County Schools and has pledged to do her best in this endeavor.